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Car Door Trash Can

Car Door Trash Can

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Drivers often struggle with keeping their car interiors clean and organized, especially when it comes to disposing of small items like tissues, wrappers, or fruit peels! To eliminate this problem we bring you the ‘Car Door Trash Can!’
Manufactured with high-quality ABS materials the trash can ensures its durability and longevity!

Product Specifications

  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 16*15.5*14cm (6.3"×6"×5.5")
  • Weight: About 245g

What’s Included in the Package? 

  • 1x Car Door Trash Can

Product Benefits

  • Easy-to-Clean 
  • Can be Easily Hung on Car Door 
  • Keeps the Car Interior Clean 
  • Compact Space-Saving Design 
  • Facilitates the Placement of Various Items  
  • Aesthetic Design
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Why it works?

The hangable design sets our trash can apart, providing a unique and convenient solution for waste disposal. Unlike traditional car trash cans, our portable garbage can be easily hung on the car door!

Can it be Used for Storing Other Items?

Yes, absolutely it allows drivers to conveniently store items like tissue paper, fruit peels, umbrellas, drinks, and more, making it a practical and multi-functional accessory for any car.

How to Use? 

  • Unlock and Prepare
  • Seal with Ease
  • Enjoy Long-Lasting Freshness

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