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Carsorcery™ Car Power Inverter

Carsorcery™ Car Power Inverter

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Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime – Your Car Power Inverter is Your Lifeline!

✅ Offers 300 Watts of Continuous DC to ACPower
✅ Peak Power of 1500 Watts
✅ Multiple Charging Options
✅ Built-In Safety Features
✅ Can Be Easily Plugged into Your Car's Cigarette Lighter Socket
✅ Compatible with a Wide Range of Devices

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Long Trips, No Worries – Our Inverter Keeps You Charged!

Versatile Power Source

Our Car Power Inverter is your on-the-go power solution. With 300 watts of continuous power and 1500 watts at peak, it's a versatile powerhouse. Charge laptops, gaming consoles, lights, and more. Stay connected, entertained, and productive wherever you are.

Safe and Reliable Charging

Safety always comes first. Our inverter is equipped with multiple safeguards, including a built-in fuse, to protect your devices and your vehicle. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're shielded from overheating, voltage fluctuations, short-circuits, overloads, and overcharging.

Convenient On-the-Road Charging

Experience the convenience of in-car charging like never before. Simply plug our inverter into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, and you're ready to power up. With a 75cm cord and fastening tape, it's perfect for passengers in the backseat. Stay charged on road trips, daily commutes, and adventures.

Overload and Overheat Protection

Your safety is our priority. Our Car Power Inverter boasts robust protection features. It guards against overloads, overheating, short-circuits, and more. Drive with confidence, knowing your devices and vehicle are secure.

Comparison With Other!

Cord Chaos, Begone! Experience Hassle-Free Charging!

  • Dual AC Outlets and USB Ports

    Empower your journey with our Car Power Inverter's dual 110/220V AC outlets and 4 USB ports. It's like having a charging station in your vehicle. Connect laptops, phones, and more simultaneously. Get the job done efficiently, no matter where you are.

  • Universal Device Compatibility

    Our inverter plays well with all your gadgets. From Kindles and iPhones to tablets and cameras, it automatically detects your devices and delivers optimal charging speed. No more searching for the right charger. Stay connected and entertained on your terms.

  • Extended Reach and Secure Storage

    We've thought of everything, including your passengers in the backseat. Our Car Power Inverter comes with a 75cm cord, providing an extended reach for easy access. Plus, the included fastening tape ensures neat and hassle-free storage, making it incredibly convenient for everyone on board.

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● Easy Return Policy
● 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

No More Dead Batteries, No More Limits!