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Electronic Cabinet Lock DIY For Wooden Drawer Cabinet

Electronic Cabinet Lock DIY For Wooden Drawer Cabinet

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Traditional cabinets may lack advanced security features, making them susceptible to unauthorized access! Here, to secure your belongings safely, we bring you the ‘Electronic Cabinet Lock!’
Manufactured with environmentally safe ABS materials, it ensures safety, durability, and longevity!

Product Specifications

  • Net Weight: 135g
  • Gross Weight: 170g
  • Package Size: 12.8*5.6*7.3CM
  • Material: ABS Environmental Protection Plastic Material
  • Battery: 2 PCS X AA Battery available for one year (not included)
  • Very low Quiescent Current
  • Very Low Power Consumption

What’s Included in the Package? 

  • 1x Electronic Cabinet Lock 
  • 1 x white card + 2 x Blue Key Fob Keys

Product Benefits

  • Advanced Security Features 
  • Two Unlock Modes 
  • Wide Range of Applications 
  •  Prevents Children from Unauthorised Access 
  • Simple RFID Swiping Card System  
  • DIY-Friendly Installation 
  • Durable and High-Temperature Resistant 
  • Energy-Efficient Operation
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Why it works?

With its automatic rebound function, anti-smashing, and self-locking housing, it provides an enhanced level of security, safeguarding belongings and sensitive data.

How Many Options Does it Have for Unlocking?

Offering two unlock modes, including RFID card unlocking and a combination of user card + management card, it provides flexibility for various user preferences.

How to Use? 

Choose a Suitable Wooden Drawer or Cabinet for Installation

Utilize the RFID Card System for Hassle-Free Unlocking

Replace the 2 AA batteries  to Ensure Uninterrupted Use

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