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Tire Inflating Portable Air Compressor

Tire Inflating Portable Air Compressor

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Ever found yourself stranded with a flat tire, anxiously waiting for help? Does your air pump take alot of time to pump air? Looking for a pump with a flashlight and charger aswell? Then what are you waiting for go grab our Tire Inflating Portable Air Compressor now!

Product Specifications

  • Style: Wireless/Wired

Package Includes

  • 1x Tire Inflating Portable Air Compressor


  • Rapid Inflation Within 5 Min 
  • User-Friendly Lcd Display 
  • Auto Shut Off For Smart Inflation 
  • Suitable For Various Inflatables Such As Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles 
  • Mobile Phone Charger  
  • Torch
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Why it Works?

Our air pump sets itself apart with a swift 5-minute full inflation time, catering to the urgent needs of drivers facing flat tires. The LCD display, featuring 4 pressure units and an auto shut-off function, ensures precise and stress-free inflation, eliminating concerns of over-inflation.

Provides Mobile Phone Charging and Torch Facility

Whether you need a quick charge on the go or a reliable light source with three modes (lighting, strobe, SOS), our air compressor ensures you're well-equipped for any situation, making it an extremely valuable tool for every journey.

Suitable for All Types of Inflation Tubes

With four additional nozzles, it effortlessly caters to the inflation needs of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, swimming rings, kayaks, basketballs, footballs, and more. This adaptability ensures that you have a single, reliable device for all your inflation requirements.

How to Use?

  • Begin By Choosing The Appropriate Nozzle For Your Specific Inflation Needs
  • Connect the Selected Nozzle Securely To the Air Pump, and Then Plug The Device Into Your Car's Cigarette Lighter Socket Using The Provided Power Lead
  • Power On The Air Pump And Use The User-Friendly Lcd Display To Set Your Desired Pressure Unit

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